Contextual Video

The glomex Contextual Video automatically publishes appropriate videos for your articles based on intelligent content matching. Once the player is integrated into your content management system, the videos will play automatically to all desired articles or topic areas.

How does glomex contextual matching work?


Contextual matching uses the glomex algorithm to analyze the content and metadata, e.g. title and keywords, of an article page and compare them with the metadata of the more than 400,000 videos on glomex.


Comparing your article texts with our video pool identifies keywords (e.g. people, places, news topics). The matches are used to select the perfect video for your article.


The matching video is automatically integrated into the article together with the glomex contextual video and published when the URL is accessed.


The contextual matching algorithm continuously searches for better matches and ensures that your articles are always published with the most relevant and most up-to-date videos.


Contextual Video Benefits

ADDITIONAL ADVERTISING REVENUESIncrease your revenues by integrating and marketing matching videos for all of your articles
EFFORTLESSOur algorithm automatically matches your articles to the appropriate videos
PREMIUM CONTENTMore than 500 videos are added by prestigious licensors every day – more than 400,000 videos are available in total
ALWAYS UP TO DATEThe newest videos are always played, even when the player is already integrated into your articles
HIGHEST QUALITYWe publish perfectly matched videos in your articles
INDIVIDUAL CONFIGURATIONWe tailor the Contextual Player to your needs

How to get the Contextual Video

Contact us
We prepare a matching analysis for your website
We configure the Contextual Player according to your needs
Implement the player on your website – and you’re done!

RP Digital GmbH

„We are very happy with the Contextual Player from glomex . Since the Contextual Player has been integrated on our publisher website, we have enriched our articles with the ideally fitting videos and provided our readers editorially added value. The video integration is completely automated so that our editorial team doesn’t have to search for the right videos manually.“

Oliver Horst, Managing Director

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