What does glomex stand for?

glomex stands for professional video content on premium publisher sites and thus offers the perfect environment for video advertising. We exclusively offer high-quality videos. We cooperate closely with all of our publishers. This ensures a unique premium network with a reach of more than 25 million users and well over 400 million video views per month, allowing campaigns to be aimed at all conceivable target groups.

Benefits for Advertisers

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PREMIUM INVENTORY First-class inventory from verified and certified publishers
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HIGH VIEWABILITY STANDARDS High Ad View Through Rate (VTR) 100 and 50/2 rates
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BRAND SAFETY Maximum brand safety thanks to complete transparency and control via glomex player with cross-device frequency capping
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PREMIUM CONTENT 100% premium content from TV stations, news agencies and other professional licensors
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GDPR COMPLIANT IAB & GDPR-compliant playback
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INTERNATIONAL AD STANDARDS Support for all major ad standards
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SIMPLE BOOKING All inventories can be booked programmatically and I/O
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TARGETING Various targeting options

Brand safety

The environment is key for the positive perception of your brand. The more trustworthy the environment, the better the advertising impact. We offer you such a safe environment through:

  • Close cooperation with selected publishers and their editorial teams
  • Premium content from TV stations, news agencies and other professional licensors
  • Technologically controlled measures to protect against fraud

glomex video advertising

We currently offer two pre-roll video products:


  • Position: PreRoll
  • Length: 6 to 30 sec
  • Playback: click-to-play, scroll-to-play

Native Video

  • Position: PreRoll
  • Length: 6 to 30 sec
  • Playback: muted autoplay (with at least 50% visibility)

Our glomex player supports the following international video ad standards:

  • VAST 2.0 – VAST 4.0
  • VPAID 2.0

glomex marketer network

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