FAQ Publisher

How does a Publisher sign up?
Register here and provide us with the information we need using the online forms. An account will be created for you and you will be asked to confirm your email address. We will then review your information and if you are approved we will send you login credentials.
What information does a Publisher need to provide when signing up?
We require basic information about the Publisher, his company and billing address. We also need company banking information for invoicing payment purposes. Additionally, we need a URL, the subject matter of the content, and countries in which it is published.
Can any video Publisher join the glomex marketplace?
No. We have stringent evaluation and validation protocols for Publishers so that we can protect our Content Providers and secure brand safety for Advertisers.
Are there terms and conditions?
As part of the sign up process, the publisher is required to agree to our Terms & Conditions.
How can Publishers market content on their sites?
If content is displayed on a Publisher’s site using the glomex player, monetization is done through glomex. In order to be able to market the content in the best possible way, an updated CMP with the vendors required by glomex and corresponding entries in the ads.txt are required.
How does payment for Publishers work?
Publishers receive a share in the video ad revenues generated by their website. There are no additional costs involved, either monthly fees or setup costs. Using glomex is free of charge. At the end of the following month, you will receive the credit statement for your earnings achieved in your account. You can download the invoice from the “Administration” tab in your account.
How is the platform's content structured? Can customers search through the content?
Yes. The content is displayed chronologically by upload date and can be filtered for example by content provider, category, language or type of video. With the full-text search, the entire video pool can be searched immediately.
Is glomex a self-service-platform?
Yes, glomex is designed as a self-service platform. Additionally, it offers various features to help Publishers create as much revenue with as little effort as possible, for example Curated Playlists.
Does a Publisher need his own player-technology?
No, glomex provides a highly modern video player for all current browsers as well as for Android and iOS.
Is the glomex player compatible with all available devices?
The glomex player is compatible with all modern desktop and mobile browsers.
Can content be shared and played on social networks?
No. Content can only be played on verified and cleared Publisher domains through the glomex player. Of course, Publishers can share links to their sites on social networks, though.