FAQ General

What is glomex?
glomex is a provider of a global, open marketplace for premium video content as well as a technical service provider for the entire value chain of online video marketing.
Who is glomex for?
The glomex marketplace gives licensors (Content Provider), website operators (Publisher) and Advertisers the chance to exchange and monetize video content.
When was glomex founded?
glomex was founded on May 1st, 2016.
How does glomex work?
Content Providers (licensors), Publishers (website operators) and Advertisers sign up to a web based platform. There, they can upload and market their content or search the platform for content relevant to them and directly embed it into their website or app. glomex takes care of the entire transaction, including billing, rights management and technical realization (streaming, player etc.).
Which benefit does glomex have for Content Providers?
By using the premium-quality publisher network verified by glomex, Content Providers significantly increase their reach and consequently their revenue. The platform is their contracting partner and their central point of contact. glomex acts as a broker for the contract process and enables content owners to close deals with a multitude of Publishers at once. This also minimizes administrative effort, for example in the acquisition of separate Publishers. This makes the deal size irrelevant. glomex also takes over the entire technical operation, including streaming, transcoding, player provision, rights and ad management. Content can be branded (for example with a watermark or with a branded opener/closer, or by customer-specific player individualization. This gives the Content Provider additional branding opportunities beyond traditional advertising.
Which benefit does glomex have for Publishers?
glomex gives Publishers access to a giant pool of professionally produced premium content verified by glomex. The platform is their contracting partner and their central point of contact. glomex acts as a broker for the contract process and enables Publishers to close deals with a multitude of Content Providers at once. This also minimizes administrative effort, for example with licensing, contract design as well as handling Content Providers and Advertisers. glomex provides Publishers with new revenue potential by fairly sharing the revenue generated by the video ads that are automatically integrated. The rich supply of premium content makes the Publisher’s websites more attractive to the user und can thus increase user engagement. Publishers have little to no editorial effort, especially if they use features like the Curated Playlists. They just have to embed the code once and the editorial work will be done by glomex.
Which benefit does glomex have for Advertisers?
The platform gives them access to a giant pool of verified and brand safe inventory. The glomex network of verified publishers ensures brand safety in a high quality environment. glomex guarantees 100 percent viewability. glomex gives Advertisers access to a multitude of additional unique users. By means of its extensive, global network and innovative revenue models, glomex opens up new potential for marketers and advertisers.
Which benefit does glomex have for video users?
First of all, glomex.com is a public site, constantly providing up-to-date, high quality video content. Plus, glomex acts as a B2B marketplace, providing the websites visited by the user with the best possible content. When playing the content in the glomex video player, they will also profit from minimal loading times and perfect streaming quality, even with lower bandwidths and irrespective of what device they choose to use.
Which languages is the platform available in?
Temporary glomex is only available in English.
What kind of content can be found on glomex?
The videos on the platform are professionally produced clips from industry-leading content owners and genres like lifestyle, news or cars. You can browse through our video content here: https://video.glomex.com/.
How many videos are available on the platform?
As of March 2020, more than 400.000 Videos are available on the platform.
How does glomex estimate video ad revenue for their customers?
The amount of earnings depends solely on the number of video views that a video generates. Roughly speaking, content owners, publishers and glomex receive about a third of the revenue created – calculated from a rev share base of 95 percent of the actual revenue generated. Five percent are the technical infrastructure costs. Example: A website generates one million views per month. With that amount, the publishers revenue share is 25 percent. We realistically estimate an average CPM of 20 Euros. That makes 20.000 Euros in revenue. Minus 7,5% tech fees, this leaves a rev share base of 18.500 Euros. So the publisher makes 4625 Euros without any effort.
How do I handle phishing emails?
We would like to increase your awareness as our glomex customer to keep the following information security guidelines in mind.

Typical characteristics of phishing emails include:

1. Unknown sender

Please only trust emails received by your known glomex contact person / mailing list. In case of uncertainty please always ask your glomex sales contact.

2. Grammar and spelling mistakes / unusual wording

Phishing emails are often written in incorrect German or English, or contain unusual wording.

3. Urgent need for action

If you are asked by email to act very urgently and within a certain (short) period, you should also be thoughtful. Especially if this request is linked to a consequence- for example, that your glomex account will be blocked if you do not follow instructions in the email immediately.

4. Entering sensitive information

Another typical request is to enter sensitive information, such as passwords and company bank information. Glomex will never ask you to do this by email; your sales contact person will always contact you directly.

5. Request to open a file

In more and more phishing emails, recipients are being asked to open a file that is either attached to the email or alternatively is available for download via a link. You should never download or open such a file in unexpected or suspicious emails. Such files usually contain malware.In case of any uncertainty please always ask your glomex sales or write to datenschutz@glomex.com.