The glomex experience

This is glomex in 20sec

Video is everywhere - but there is a "war for eyeballs" going on throughout the web. With glomex, premium website publishers, owners of professionally produced content as well as advertisers and brands will profit from an online marketplace that provides hundreds of thousands of professional videos, reach beyond imagination in an extensive publisher network and unlimited amounts of brand-safe inventory.

Lean back and let us show you how glomex can help you to maximize your revenues with premium video content.


A premium video marketplace

The glomex marketplace

  • Professional Video Content

    News, Sports, Entertainment - we have it all.

  • Award-winning Infrastructure

    With glomex, every user gets the best streaming quality imaginable.

  • Free of charge

    No sign-up fee, no monthly costs.

When it comes to online video, there is no shortage in quantity - but there is a serious shortage in quality. glomex gives publishers free access to a giant pool of professional video content and provides advertisers with 100 percent brand-safe and 100 percent viewable inventory.


How to make money with glomex

The glomex Revenue Share Model

  • No technical effort

    Publish videos effortlessly: just copy the embed code into your CMS or HTML.

  • No editorial effort

    Using our Curated Playlists, we even take care of keeping your website up to date.

  • No cost

    Watch your revenue grow with every click on your video.

Profit without risk or effort - that would be the perfect world.
With glomex, this perfect world becomes a reality. With our video marketplace, we have created an easy-to-use online platform where every publisher, big or small, will find their perfect videos or playlists. Just copy the embed code into your websites. Within minutes, revenue will start to flow.


your one-stop video solution

  • One-Stop Platform

    glomex takes care of everything in one place: content, delivery and monetization.

  • Curated Playlists

    Create your own playlists - or let our experienced video editors take care of it.

  • In-depth analytics

    Analyse your video performance, optimise your choices and revenue

The glomex embed code, created with just one click, contains all you need to increase your ad revenues. Your personal glomex publisher dashboard helps analyse video views, ad views, CTRs and much more, in real-time as well as in retrospective.
All the data that helps you optimise your video strategy and achieve the best possible results right at your fingertips.


Find out how


Find out how to use the glomex dashboard, search for the perfect video, create and edit a playlist, watch videos and create your customized player. You’ll also see how easy it is to embed the glomex player into your website and manage your playlists.

Looking for an advertising network that guarantees brand safety, viewability and seemingly endless amounts of premium inventory?

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