How to Publish Suitable Video Content in Each Article—Automatically

Enriching editorial copy with matching video content is a key factor of success in digital publishing today.  Users expect multimedia reporting that goes beyond mere text and images.  The integration of high-quality video content is also an important tool for publishers for retaining users and generating additional advertising revenue through the monetization of videos.

Incorporating videos that are topical and appropriate in terms of content into articles across all style sections, requires access to a large pool of videos that ideally is augmented on a daily basis by a large number of reputable content licensors.  Video publishing technology is also needed that automatically embeds the appropriate videos into articles, eliminating the need for manual video research and integration.  The technical solution for automatically integrating context-related video content on every article page of your website is known as contextual matching.

What Is Contextual Matching?

Contextual matching uses algorithms to analyze the content and meta data for an article page and match it with the meta data in the existing video pool.  Suitable videos can be identified by means of article analysis and the use of meta data (e.g. title and keywords), which are then embedded in the articles using the appropriate player technology and published when the URL is called up.

The intelligent algorithm used here identifies relevant content in the body of the article, such as the names of well-known personalities or current topics, and evaluates it.  The next step involves matching the topics identified for the article with the existing video content.

A scoring system is used to determine how well the “hits” found in the video pool match the main topic of the article.  The video with the highest score is automatically played on the page.  This process takes place in the background to a page within milliseconds.

A video player that masters contextual matching technology takes care of publishing the matching videos. It represents the key element in contextual matching from both the user’s and the publisher’s point of view and makes it possible for videos and ad spots to be played.

With the one-off integration of the player into the content management system, the publisher ensures that the videos are played out automatically in all selected articles or topical style sections.

Everything From a Single Source—The glomex Contextual Player

glomex GmbH, based in Unterföhring, Germany, delivers an integrated and comprehensive contextual matching solution to publishers.  The technology not only consists of a video player with integrated advertisement marketing and an artificial intelligence-based algorithm, but it is also linked to the largest video pool in the German-speaking region, which includes more than 350,000 videos from reputable content licensors.  This makes it possible to roll-out the right video clip for a wide range of topics.