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glomex Media Delivery Service

Today’s consumers are used to getting the best video quality on every device. This is why the online video industry needs a best-in-class video delivery platform – which, if realized individually, means enormous cost of innovation. The answer to that is sharing resources in a multi-tenant context. With infrastructure cost largely dependent on volume, the industry needs a multi-tenant video delivery platform combining innovation, quality and a flexible pay-as-you-go model.

TV-like video experience

The glomex Media Delivery Service delivers a TV-like experience to consumers every time they watch a video - no matter where they are in the world or what device they use. The glomex Media Delivery Service supports both live-stream video and video-on-demand. It supports ad-based revenue models as well as subscription-based and Pay-Per-View ones. Billing is done per GB or per subscriber on a monthly basis. The Media Delivery Service is a ready-to-run, end-to-end Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering. Just configure your video ingest, specify a player, and you are up and publishing within days.




glomex Video Value Service

Ad blocking is the single most dangerous threat to the online video business model. The glomex Video Value Service provides a player that is immune to ad blocking and designed for enterprise durability and scalability.

Video Value Service

How can you get to a billion video views? A good starting point is to support every major browser and device out there with extensive adaptive bitrate streaming via DASH and HLS. Consumers are impatient these days. If your player starts slow or buffers too long, you risk losing your audience. Many of them will never return. Deliver a TV-like experience every time.

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