Content is King

At glomex we believe that premium content and quality media come first when it comes to effective and brand safe advertising. By distributing some of the world’s most favoured broadcast level video through our media exchange, we are able to deliver advertisers a unique, tailored and elite environment for video advertising.

Next to our exclusive content, glomex operates a premium video network enabling quality mass media video campaigns on an unprecedented scale through our targeting platform. We have millions of premium video ad calls available. And we can run campaigns on any device; from desktop, tablet and smartphone to Smart TV.

Our award-winning cloud architecture enables advertisers to fully connect with and benefit from our broadcast level content and audience targeting capabilities. As part of our proprietary platform, our data management platform manages the profiles of millions of unique users in real time. With regards to the data management and storage, we operate with the highest standards of data security and data privacy, which is also reflected in our TÜV certification.

Premium Advertising Formats

Using our global media exchange as our foundation, glomex creates and optimizes – next to supporting all regular video formats – unique and tailored video advertising formats around our premium content enabling brands to fully grasp and capture the benefits of real time video advertising.

One example of such a content driven ad format is our Content Plugin, replacing blocked ad spaces with quality video content. With the advertising embedded in the content, this solution means brands can now engage with consumers in a fully dedicated and clutter free video ad environment.

Our platform provides a comprehensive set of video delivery technologies, which includes CDN and hosting for publishers. By doing so we can deliver both short and long form video content to all Android, iOS and HTML5 devices with multiple ad insertion functionalities around pre- and mid-rolls.

Video Brand Safety

Premium advertising starts with brand safety. We hand-pick publishers before admitting them to our global marketplace. For advertisers, this ensures the utmost qualitative and brand safe advertising environment.

By focusing on the leading European premium publishers in combination with rigorous fraud-protection measures, glomex operates a uniquely brand safe video advertising environment. Not only do we deliver maximum ROI for advertising campaigns, we do so with the highest standards of data security and brand safety.

As a dedicated technology for video, our proprietary platform provides advertisers and agencies with the tools to optimize video distribution and video ad delivery with connected and immediate fraud detection – ensuring maximum brand protection.

A Unified Platform

glomex operates a proprietary technology platform and infrastructure for the delivery and targeting of video advertising. Next to all data management, audience targeting and automated video investment management being unified in a single system this includes - and is fully integrated with – all ad serving and ad delivery systems.

A core component is our proprietary data management platform and audience targeting system. Aggregating the reach of our content and hundreds of premium video publishers, we can reach any target audience on all digital devices – including our unique cross-device frequency capping.

We have a wide range of dedicated themes and channels available through our content marketplace and publisher portfolio.

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Cost per View (CPV)

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