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Information on data collection, processing and use

For glomex GmbH, Landsberger Straße 110, 80339 München, your trust in the correct handling of your data is an important prerequisite for the success of the offer of glomex GmbH. The collection, processing (including storage, modification, transfer, locking and deletion) and use of your data will always be in compliance with the applicable data protection law provisions.

1. Collection, processing and use of personal data

a) What is personal data?

Personal data means information regarding the identity of a person, such as name, address, telephone and fax number, date of birth or email address.

b) Is personal data collected, processed and used in connection with the usage of the online offer?

In principle, the offer can be used without the storage of personal data. If personal data is collected, processed and used nevertheless, glomex GmbH will inform you at the respective time or ask you to enter your personal data yourself – for example for the participation in a contest or for the registration for a service. In such a case, your personal data will only be collected, processed and used for this specific purpose and in compliance with the principle of data economy.

In the following, you will find some examples of where we collect, process and use personal data: 

• Personalized services

If you use services which require a registration, we will collect, process and use the data required for these services in particular for providing these services to you.

Upon the express registration by the User, the following data may be collected (as long as it is entered by the User himself): Gender, first name, last name, date of birth, email address, street, house number, zip code, phone number, account number, banking code and account holder. glomex GmbH will collect, process and use the personal data you enter during the registration only for the purpose of concluding, performing and handling the respective contract as well as for invoicing purposes. A collection, processing or use of personal data beyond the above purposes shall only be admitted if the Client has given his express consent or if a statutory provision allows or dictates the collection, processing or use of personal data for other purposes. 

Any personal data you provide will be collected, processed and used solely by glomex GmbH, as the responsible organization. glomex GmbH will not pass on your personal data to any third party, in particular not to companies or other organizations, unless you provide your express consent to glomex GmbH or glomex GmbH is legally required to disclose such data, for example due to the order of a court or an official order. If, in the context of commissioned data processing in accordance with sec. 11 of the German Federal Data Protection Act, glomex GmbH commissions third parties with the collection, processing and use of data, this will also only occur in compliance with the statutory data protection provisions.

2. Collection, processing and use of usage data
a) What is usage data?

Usage data means data that can be collected upon the opening of each webpage.

b) How is usage data collected, processed and used in connection with the usage of this offer?

When you visit the offer, glomex GmbH stores your usage data for a short period of time of four (4) business days. The following data is stored: the domain name or IP address of the requesting computer, the data request of the Client (file name and URL), the http response code, the website from which you visit us as well as the date and the duration of your visit. The storage is performed in order to detect errors in or the misuse of our online offer and of our telecommunication services/equipment, if the latter are required for the creation of further connections and/or for invoicing purposes. Your usage data will not be analyzed for the creation of a personal usage profile unless you have expressly consented to such a use. In the case of errors or misuse, we reserve the right to file charges with the law enforcement authorities. There will be no other usage or disclosure to third parties of your usage data collected as described above.

If you expressly register, a collection, processing or use of your usage data for invoicing purposes might be necessary. In this case, your usage data will be stored for a period of no longer than six months after the issuance of the invoice; it will only be stored longer if and for as long as the User raises objections against the invoice or fails to pay the invoice despite a payment request.

If the data is required for compliance with storage periods dictated by law, by the articles of association or contracts (including contracts with third parties), we will lock the data in accordance with statutory provisions. Any usage data will be collected, processed and used solely by glomex GmbH, as the responsible organization. glomex GmbH will not pass on your personal data to any third party, in particular not to companies or other organizations, unless you provide your express consent to glomex GmbH or glomex GmbH is legally required to disclose such data, for example due to the order of a court or an official order. If, in the context of commissioned data processing in accordance with sec. 11 of the German Federal Data Protection Act, glomex GmbH commissions third parties with the collection, processing and use of data, this will also only occur in compliance with the statutory data protection provisions.

3. Correction of data and revocation

a) If you are no longer interested in obtaining certain information or offers, or if you no longer want to obtain the information/offers through a specific channel, please use the settings in your account or email us at the following address: glomex GmbH will immediately comply with your request.

b) You can also contact the above mentioned address if you would like to revoke your consent to the collection, processing and use of your data in the future. In this case, glomex GmbH will immediately delete any of your data stored in this regard, if, taking into consideration the contractual purpose, such deletion is possible and if no mandatory statutory reasons prevent a deletion. Please note that due to technical and organizational reasons, an overlap between your revocation and the use of your data in the context of an ongoing campaign may occur.

4. Use of cookies
We would like to point out that this service uses cookies. It is not a prerequisite for the usage of the service that the Visitor/User accepts the cookies. However, some functions might not be available if cookies are blocked.

a) What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file, which is sent by the respective servers when the service is visited and cached on the hard drive of the respective User. If the respective server is once again contacted, the User’s browser will sent the previously received cookies back to the server. The server can analyze the information received through this procedure in different ways. There are generally two types of cookies. First, there are session cookies which are only stored for a respective visitor session. This means that the cookies will be automatically deleted once the Visitor/User closes the respective service. Second, there are temporary/permanent cookies which are stored on the User’s data carrier for a longer period of time or indefinitely.

b) How does glomex GmbH use cookies?

glomex GmbH uses session cookies as well as temporary/permanent cookies for its services. When a User visits a service, the cookies are sent to the User’s browser and stored on the User’s hard drive. These cookies help to make our offer more user-friendly, more effective and safer. The cookies do not contain any personal data or personal information on the User so that it is not possible to identify a person based on the information obtained by means of the cookies. The obtained information serves exclusively for the purpose of creating statistics on the usage of our offer. Thus, we can optimally adapt our offer to the wishes of you, our Client. The session cookies are automatically deleted from the Client’s hard drive at the end of the browser session. However, glomex GmbH also uses cookies that remain permanently on the User's hard drive. These cookies are required for identifying the Visitor upon his next visit and for determining which settings and entries the specific User requires. These cookies remain on the hard drive and delete themselves automatically after the predetermined period of time.

If you activate auto login, the respective page of our online offer will also set a cookie, which, in this case, will store your registration data in order to identify you the next time you use the service so that you do not have to login again. The User can deactivate the auto login at any time after activating it. 

c) Which data is contained in the cookies?

Through the cookies, information on certain usage behavior, visited pages of the glomex GmbH services etc. is stored. However, no personal data is stored. Therefore, the stored cookies do not make it possible to link usage behavior to a specific or identifiable person. When cookies are used, encoded numbers are assigned to them. Name, IP address, addresses and other personal data, however, are not contained in these cookies and the cookie ID numbers can never be linked to personal data. The information transferred to glomex GmbH is generalized in such a manner that we only obtain information on what sites have been visited, which films have been viewed or which individual pages on the homepage have been clicked on. This information is only transferred and stored under a pseudonym , which cannot be linked to the name. Thus, the storage only serves for an internal assessment of the efficiency of contents on the pages of glomex GmbH and not for the analysis of personal usage behavior of identifiable individual Users.

d) Are third-party cookies or respectively web beacons and user-based online advertising used as well?

The advertisements in this offer are optimized for you, taking into consideration your predicted interests, through the anonymous collection and processing of your usage behavior. To this end, third-parties place cookies on your computer on our behalf, which collect your usage data. This means data that can be collected while you are, for example, visiting the pages of this online offer or clicking on advertisements. Thus, we are able to analyze the use of online advertisements, which might be interesting to you and correspond to your preferences (“usage-based online advertising”). Personal data (such as name, address, email address) will never be stored in this context. If IP addresses are collected, they will be anonymized so that they cannot be linked to any individual user.

If you do no longer wish to obtain user-based online advertisements, you may prevent the placement or respectively storage of cookies through your browser settings.

glomex GmbH has voluntarily subjected itself to the self-regulation of the Deutsche Datenschutzrat Online-Werbung (DDOW) [German data protection council for online advertising]. The User may view the self-regulation codex applicable to us (Kodex für Telemedienanbieter – Erstparteien [Codex for telemedia providers – first parties]) under the following link:

Further information on usage-based online advertising is also available at the consumer portal On, you may also deactivate or activate the collection of usage data by other providers and view the activation status for different providers via the following link:

In addition, you may object to the use of cookies by the third-parties acting on our behalf via the following links:

Google AdSense

This website uses Google AdSense, a service for including advertisements from Google Inc. ("Google"). Google AdSense uses so-called "cookies”, text files that are stored on your computer and make it possible to analyze the usage of the website. Google AdSense also uses so-called web beacons (invisible graphics). These web beacons allow for an evaluation of information such as the visitor traffic on these pages. Thus, Google enables the placement of context-dependent third-party advertisements in our online offer, for example based on search terms in search engines or key words of the website content.

The information on the usage of this website (including your IP address) and the provision of advertising formats generated by cookies and web beacons are transferred to a Google server in the United States where they are stored. Google may pass on this information to its contractual partners. However, Google will not link your IP address to any other of your stored data. More information regarding the product Google AdSense is available at:

You may prevent the installation of cookies through the respective settings of your browser software; however, we would like to point out that, in such case, you might not be able to use all the functions of this website to their full extent. By using this website you agree to the processing of the data collected about you by Google in the above described manner and for the above mentioned purpose.

However, the User may object to the use of Google AdSense cookies. In order to do so, the User has to follow the following user instructions for the deactivation of Google cookies: AG

Data protection and cookies

AdAudience GmbH

Data protection and cookies


Data protection and cookies

Yieldlab GmbH

Data protection and cookies


Data protection and cookies


Data protection and cookies

Xplosion Interactive GmbH

Data protection and cookies


glomex GmbH uses the services of The ADEX GmbH (ADEX). ADEX is a company domiciled in Germany, Rotherstrasse 22, 10245 Berlin. ADEX offers so-called “targeting” technologies, through which ADEX evaluates certain usage behavior on the web pages in order to optimize advertisements for the User, based on the individual interests of the User.  To this end, cookies, web beacons and similar technologies are used. The collected usage data is stored under a pseudonym. Information on the User activities on our web pages, services, applications and tools (e.g. advertisement banners clicked on, visited sub-pages, search queries etc.) is linked to this pseudonym. Any personal identification of the User is excluded. The IP address of your computer, which is transferred for technical reasons, is fully anonymized and will not be used for the controlled display of advertisements. More information on the data protection policy of ADEX is available at:

If the User no longer wishes to have usage-based advertisements displayed and would like to prevent the collection of usage data, he may use the following opt-out link:

We use the following tracking tools for our services: 

Nielsen measurement services (NetRating Site Census)

Furthermore, glomex GmbH uses the market research company Nielsen for web analytics purposes. To this end, Nielsen places cookies in this offer in order to allow for a statistical analysis of the usage of the website With the help of these statistical results, the website can be made more effective and efficient and constantly be improved in the interest of the User. The User may object to the placement of cookies by the Nielsen market research institute at any time. In order to do so, the User has to adjust his browser settings accordingly.

In addition, the User can find further information on the Nielsen web analytics service, the Nielsen cookie and on how to de-activate the Nielsen cookie (opt-out) by clicking on the following link . If the User has any questions regarding Nielsen's web analytics mission, he may also send an email to


Moreover, we allow other third parties, for example media agencies, to place cookies in order to analyze the usage of online advertisements and to present to you special advertisements in our online offer that are based on your preferences and might interest you. In addition, we seek to enable the media agencies to address the target groups of their advertisers as precisely as possible, without any major losses due to non-selective advertising. To this end, e.g. anonymous user statistics are prepared and the data is used for market research purposes. It is not possible to track the data back to an individual user. You may also prevent the placement of third-party cookies through the respective browsers settings.

Our website uses the “Scalable Central Measurement Method” (SCM) of INFOnline GmbH ( for the determination of statistical values regarding the usage of our offer.

In this context, anonymous measurement values are collected. In order to be able to recognize computer systems, the SCM range measurement uses either a cookie with the identifier “” or “”, or a localStorage object or a signature created from various pieces of automatically transferred information of your browser. IP addresses are only processed in anonymized form.

The range measurement was developed in compliance with data protection. The object of range measurement is to determine the usage intensity and the number of users of a website.

Individual users will never be identified. Your identity is protected at all times and you will not receive any advertisement through this system.

For web offers, that participate in the Informationsgemeinschaft zur Feststellung der Verbreitung von Werbeträgern e.V. (IVW - /englische-version) or in a study “internet facts” of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online-Forschung e. V. (AGOF -, the usage statistics are published every month by AGOF and the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Media-Analyse e.V. (ag. ma - as well as by the IVW, and may be viewed at, and

In addition to publishing the measurement data, the IVW regularly assesses whether the SCM method is used in compliance with the rules and data protection.

Further information on the SCM method is available on the website of INFOnline GmbH ((, which performs the SCM method, on the data protection web page of the AGOF ( and the data protection web page of the IVW (

You may object to the data processing by the SCM under the following links:


glomex GmbH uses the services of Webtrekk GmbH. Webtrekk GmbH is a company domiciled in Germany, Boxhagener Straße 76-78, 10245 Berlin that collects, stores and analyzes usage data. It was certified in Germany for data protection in the area of web controlling, after its data processing had been assessed with regard to its compliance with data protection and data security. If you use the website of glomex GmbH, Webtrekk GmbH will place a cookie (see above).  The cookie enables Webtrekk GmbH to collect, store and analyze the usage data. The collected usage data is anonymized through the shortening of the IP address. Therefore, Webtrekk also cannot trace the data back to you, the Visitor of the web pages of glomex GmbH. The shortened IP address is only required for the purpose of session identification and for geolocation (down to city level). Further information on data protection at Webtrekk is available at In order to deactivate Webtrekk and to exclude the collection of usage data, a cookie ( “webTrekkOptOut”) must be set. Once the cookie has been set, usage data is no longer collected.

Google Analytics

In the context of this offer, we use Google Analytics, a web analytics service of Google Inc., USA (“Google”). Google Analytics uses cookies which make it possible to analyze your usage of our online offer. The information on your usage of our offer (including your IP address) generated by the cookies is sent to a Google server in Europe or respectively in a member state to the Agreement on the European Economic Area for the anonymization of the IP address so that the option to trace the data back to an individual is excluded.  Only after the anonymization of the IP address, will this shortened IP address be transmitted to a server in the United States. Only in exceptional cases, will the complete IP address be transmitted to and shortened on a Google server in the United States. As commissioned by us, Google will use the information generated by the cookies in order to analyze your usage of the offer, to compile reports on the usage of the offer and to provide additional services in connection with the usage of the offer and general Internet usage. The (shortened) IP address will not be associated with other Google data. In addition to using the above mentioned browser settings, you can prevent the processing of your data by Google by downloading and installing the browser plugin available under the following link:

Outbrain widget

In the online offer, glomex GmbH uses the widget of Outbrain UK Limited (company number: 07479183), 5 New Street Square, EC4A 3TW, London, United Kingdom. The Outbrain widget enables Outbrain to suggest additional content to the Users, the topic of which is related to the content viewed by the User. Unless the User has opted out (cf. below), the selection of the content shown in the widget is also based on such content that the User has visited in the current web session and/or recently in the online offer. In order to make this possible, Outbrain uses session-based cookies.

The content and technical aspects of the content shown in the widget are exclusively controlled and provided by Outbrain. glomex GmbH does not collect or use any personal data in this context. Outbrain, as the responsible organization, provides information on the collection and use of usage and other data in its privacy policy.  There, the User also has the option to opt out in order to prevent the use of his usage and other data. Once the User has opted out, the content in the Outbrain widget is no longer controlled based on content already viewed by the User. In connection with the Outbrain widget, Outbrain Ltd. is the responsible organization. Therefore, we refer to the privacy policy of Outbrain:


Unless you object, using pseudonyms, this service will create usage profiles for advertising, market research and customization purposes. No personal data, but only anonymized or pseudonymized data is used for the creation of the usage profiles. We will not link the usage profiles created under a pseudonym with data on the individual behind the pseudonym. For this, we use the technology of Maxymiser GmbH, Josephspitalstraße 15, 80331 Munich (“Maxymiser Technology”). The Maxymiser Technology uses so-called cookies which allow for an analysis of your usage of the website. As commissioned by us, Maxymiser GmbH will use the transferred data in particular in order to evaluate the visitors’ behavior on our website and to optimize the website. You may prevent the collection of your data by the Maxymiser Technology and the processing of said data by us by downloading and installing the opt-out cookie available under the following link:

e) What is on-site targeting?

On the web pages of glomex GmbH, data is stored by means of the above mentioned cookies (session cookies and temporary cookies) in order to optimize advertisements. However, in this case as well, the data cannot be linked to the individual person. It is merely collected data for the optimization of the website. The data is used to make it possible to provide advertisement/special offers and services tailored to the respective user. Thus, the offer is even more attractive to the Client and can be used in a better and more user-friendly manner. This is the only way to provide advertisement/services tailored to the interests of the respective Client. Thus, the Client only receives advertisement that he is interested in and not a wide range of general advertisement. Apart from this, the Client may, of course, withdraw his consent to receiving advertisement in general.

f) What is retargeting?

Retargeting works similar to on-site targeting. The essential difference between the two is that re-targeting also involves third-party companies. The service of glomex GmbH also uses so-called retargeting software. Through this technology, advertisement may also be addressed to the User when he is visiting the webpages of the partners of glomex GmbH. Thus, the User can be provided with advertisement in accordance with his interests even beyond the range of services of glomex GmbH. To this end as well, the above mentioned cookies (session cookies and temporary cookies), which readout the previous usage behavior, are used. In this case, too, the data stored or forwarded cannot be linked to an individual User. The partner of glomex GmbH does not receive any personal data of the User either. Advertisement is merely displayed on the pages of the partners as well, without the data (cookies storing the usage behavior) being linked to the personal data of an identifiable individual. The third party is not able to link the usage behavior to the respective individual either.

g) How can the placement of cookies be excluded altogether?

Of course, the User can prevent the placing of cookies altogether, permanently or only temporarily, through the respective browser settings (please click here for more detailed information) If the Client adjusts the browser settings accordingly, he might no longer be able to use all the services and/or functions of our offer completely. Each browser can be set in such a way that cookies are always refused. If the Client wants to refuse the placing of cookies, he may proceed in accordance with these technical notices.

Please note that if you delete the cookies from your browser, the settings in connection with the processing of your information by glomex GmbH or by third parties, respectively, will be deleted as well. Thus, if the User deletes the stored cookies from his browser, he will also have to once again adjust the desired settings regarding the processing of information by glomex GmbH or by third parties, respectively. The deletion of all cookies might also lead to the deletion of opt-out cookies regarding specific data processing settings.

5. Use of so-called social plugins


Facebook Social plugins of the social network, which is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S.California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”), are integrated into the webpages of this offer. Examples of such so-called social plugins are the Facebook recommendation function, the Facebook “Like” button, the Facebook “Share” button, the Facebook “Livestream” and the Facebook comments box. These functions are constantly further developed and extended by Facebook. Such a so-called social plugin is marked by means of a clearly visible Facebook logo (e.g. a white “f” on a blue square or a “thumbs up” symbol) or by the addition “Facebook social plugin”. If a respective webpage containing such so-called social plugins is opened, the User's browser establishes a direct connection with the Facebook servers. If the User is registered with Facebook and logged into his Facebook user account, Facebook will receive the information that the respective webpage was opened by the User. If the User actively uses a so-called social plugin, for example by clicking on the “Like” or the “Share” button, or by leaving a comment in the comments box on the respective webpage, the corresponding information will be directly transmitted by the User’s browser to Facebook, where it will be used. If the User wants to prevent Facebook from collecting the above mentioned information when he opens a respective webpage, we recommend that the User obtain information in this regard on the Facebook website and/or logout from Facebook before opening a page with a so-called social plugin. In addition, the User might have to delete existing cookies from Facebook from its own browser.

The purpose and extent of the data collection, the further use and usage of the data by Facebook as well as the corresponding rights and possible settings for the protection of privacy can be inferred from Facebook’s Data Policy. Please note that Facebook continuously enhances the social network and informs about the pertaining data use.

Further information in this regard is available in Facebook`s Data Policy under

If you want to prevent Facebook from being able to link your visit of our pages with your Facebook user account, please logout from your Facebook user account.


Functions of the service Twitter are integrated into our pages.These functions are offered by Twitter Inc., Twitter, Inc. 1355 Market St, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA. If you use Twitter and the 'retweet' function, the webpages you visit will be linked to your Twitter account and made visible to other users. In this context, data is transferred to Twitter as well.

Please note that we, the provider of the pages, do not obtain any knowledge of the content of the transferred data nor of how Twitter uses said data. Further information in this regard is available in the Twitter Privacy Policy under

You can change your Twitter privacy settings in your account settings under

6. No liability for the websites and data protection policies of our partners

On its pages, glomex GmbH refers to different cooperation partners, which, in turn, offer tele-media services, in particular, websites, for retrieval. Usually, these partners will have their own data protection statements.  glomex GmbH does not assume any liability for these statements which have no connection to glomex GmbH. Please visit the respective websites to obtain information on its applicable data protection practice.

7. Ordering of offers/information (e.g. via newsletter)

In the context of this offer, glomex GmbH offers you at different times the option of being informed by glomex GmbH about interesting offers and news through various channels (email, telephone and/or SMS/MMS). If, for example, you have registered for the distribution list of one of the newsletters, the desired newsletter will be regularly sent to your email address. As the case may be, there might be the option to provide further information on your identity in the context of the registration for a newsletter, for example if you wish to receive a birthday surprise. In such cases, we will process and use the data provided by you for these specific purposes. If, in the future, you are no longer interested in obtaining certain information or offers, or if you no longer want to obtain the information/offers through a specific channel, please notify glomex GmbH by email to glomex GmbH will immediately comply with your request.

8. Data security

glomex GmbH takes any reasonable technical and organizational measures to make a secure collection, processing and use of your data possible. In order to prevent unauthorized access or unauthorized disclosure and in order to ensure the accuracy of the data and the authorized use of the data, glomex GmbH has established respective technical and organizational procedures to secure and protect the data that glomex GmbH requests online. However, glomex GmbH still cannot accept any responsibility or liability for the disclosure of your data due to errors occurring during data transmission and/or unauthorized third-party access. glomex GmbH makes best efforts to treat your personal data responsibly, in particular to protect and ensure your privacy.

9. Questions / suggestions

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding data protection, feel free to contact glomex GmbH by email at

10. Changes to the Data Protection Policy

glomex GmbH reserves the right to change this Data Protection Policy at any time in compliance with the applicable data protection laws. If you have provided your consent to this Data Protection Policy in the context of the registration, glomex GmbH undertakes to inform you about the changes to this Data Protection Policy in a suitable place. 

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